Mindful Yoga for Chronic Pain

Eight Week Series — September 19th to November 7th

Thursday evenings, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Mindful Yoga for Chronic Pain is an evidence-based yoga program that has been effective in demonstrating significant improvement in pain. This 8-week transformational course will give you tools to manage stress, increase resilience, and alleviate the symptoms and severity of chronic pain.

This class is appropriate for anyone suffering from chronic, persistent pain.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Students of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

Each weekly class includes:

  • Presentations and discussion on the science of pain

  • Breathing instruction and guided meditation

  • Gentle, slow movement

  • Home practice support and audio recordings

Classes are structured in thirds: one-third presentation, one-third movement/meditation, and one-third group sharing and discussion. Research shows that sharing your experiences regarding pain is invaluable in the healing process.


What if I have difficulty sitting for two hours?  Chairs, bolsters, blankets, and benches are available for students to find a comfortable seat.  There are also several breaks in which students are free to walk around the room.  The class is structured with time for sitting, standing, and lying on the mat.

What if I need to miss a class?  Class handouts and audio recordings are available from each class, and students are encouraged to review them prior to the next class they attend.  Each class does build upon the previous material, so keeping up on course content is important.  Abby is available for private sessions to review course material (see Yoga Therapy page).

I haven’t done yoga or much exercise for a long time.  Will I be able to do the exercises in class?  Yes!  The exercises are very slow and gentle, building in intensity only as every body is able.  The exercises chosen for the series will be based on the needs of those who are in attendance.

*This Chronic Pain program was developed by Jim and Kimberly Carson of Mindful Yoga Works. Clinical trials that were completed with this program demonstrated significant reduction of pain symptoms for fibromyalgia patients, and breast cancer patients. For more information about the founders of the program, visit https://mindfulyogaworks.com/about-2/.


Cost for 8-class series $160

Early bird rate of $140 if registered by 9/5

Pre-registration is REQUIRED

Classes are held at Rose Yoga Center, 685 “A” Street, Ashland, Oregon


“I whole-heartedly recommend the program for chronic pain patients…This course has taught me skills that I will be using for the rest of my life” -Brad M.

“For a person new to yoga, I thought this was an excellent class.  In addition to the physical exercises and movements, I thought that the philosophical and scientific teachings were very helpful”.  -Todd M.